Newborn Kit

Newborn kits are allocated on a first come first serve basis. They are generally loaned at about 35 weeks of pregnancy for 2-3 months. This means that you should have had time to familiarise yourself with the kit before baby arrives and also means you can use the nappies for as long as needed until baby fits BTP nappies when they weigh approximately 10lb

Please note that if you are a first time parent, with no experience in reusable nappies, we advise that you wait until baby is 10lb+ in weight and borrow a BTP kit rather than a Newborn kit for the following reasons:
Firstly, having a newborn is tough! There are lots of new things to get used to after birth, and adding reusable nappies to the mix adds extra pressure
Secondly, we are having more and more parents returning the Newborn kits after 3/4 months unused for the above reason; this stops other families from using them
With this in mind, Newborn kits are designed for families who are already familiar with reusable nappies as a bridge until baby is large enough to fit BTP nappies

In order to borrow a Newborn kit, we will need to know your estimated due date (EDD) to check whether a Newborn kit will be available at that time

Newborn Kit List

Pocket Nappies

Alva type pocket (NEWBORN) with microfibre insert
Applecheeks pocket (SIZE 1) with bamboo insert
Baba + Boo pocket (NEWBORN) with bamboo mix insert
Ecopipo pocket (NEWBORN) with microfibre and bamboo inserts
Little Lamb sized pocket (SIZE 1) with trifold bamboo insert

All-In-One Nappies

Bambooty Easy Dry all-in-one (SMALL)
BumGenius Littles all-in-one (NEWBORN)
Lil Joey all-in-one (NEWBORN)
Motherease Uno all-in-one (NEWBORN)
Totsbots TeenyFit STAR all-in-one (SIZE 1)

Fitted & Flat Nappies

5x fitted nappies (various brands)
4x small prefolds
2x muslins
2x cotton terries
2x hemp terries
Nappy Nippa


Bambino Mio wrap (SIZE 1 <9kg)
Blueberry Mini Coverall (NEWBORN)
EcoPipo wrap (NEWBORN)
Little Lamb wrap (SIZE 1)
Motherease Airflow wrap (SMALL)
Motherease Rikki wrap (SMALL)
Nature Babies wrap (SMALL)
Rumparooz wrap (NEWBORN)
Thirsties wrap (X SMALL)
TotsBots Peenut wrap (SIZE 1)

Inserts/Boosters & Liners

5x Bamboo inserts / boosters
15x Fleece liners

Other Accessories

20x Reusable wipes
Cheeky Wipes Fresh Box
Mesh bag
Small wetbag
Medium wetbag
Large wetbag