The Nappy Advisory Service was set up in 2008/2009 because the world of reusable nappies is so confusing. We found that with no prior experience of washable nappies, looking for information online or asking advice from friends can be overwhelming, and many parents just decide against using them all together rather than wade through all the information out there by themselves. But reusable nappies can be fantastic, fun and very easy!

We have a demo box with all the different types of reusable and cloth nappies that you can get, including many of the main brands.
You can come and look at nappies, feel the texture, ask questions about them, look at the styles, and even borrow everything you need to try out cloth nappies before you decide anything.

We also provide information on the types of biodegradable disposable nappies available out there. Many parents don't want to put hundreds of nappies into landfill, but also don't feel ready to try reusable nappies, or don't want to use cloth nappies 100% of the time. Biodegradable disposable nappies are a good solution to this problem and don't have to be too expensive. More and more companies are jumping on the eco-friendly band wagon, so prices are coming down and there is a lot more choice these days. We can tell you where to get them locally and what sort of prices you are looking at.

We have over 1,000 reusable nappies that we can loan out so that parents can trial different types of nappy and find what is best for them and their child.

We are always looking for more nappies for our library, so if you have any spare nappies that you no longer need we would love to hear from you. We are a free service and rely on donations, grants and volunteer funds to continue operating.

In August 2014 we changed our name to Worcestershire Nappy Advisory Service (WNAS) as we expanded to include a branch in Hagley (also covers Kidderminster), a branch in Hereford, and a branch covering Worcester and Ledbury. We are also opening branches in other areas as funds become available. To donate or volunteer, please contact us through the page, thank you.